A.C.E. Lewisville, TX                                                            06/2003-7/2004

A.C.E. writes education curriculum for K-12th grade

Developed for company internet site running IIS, Commerce and SQL Server.

Webmaster and developer for company intranet

Design, development and support for SQL Server E-Commerce store on company internet site

Enhancements and support of online diagnostic testing for students on internet site

Windows Server Administration

Responsible for Web Server maintenance

Designed and built company intranet

Built E-Commerce web server for in house internet development


EADS Telecom NA, Frisco, TX                                            10/2000-12/2002

EADS Telecom is a leading manufacturer of PBX switches and designer call center solutions

Software Engineer

Responsible for the retrofit program which is used to upgrade

existing customer databases.

Performed maintenance on existing code and functionality

Designed and developed functionality for new products and features

Enhanced and supported the Administrative Software Package that provides an interface to the switch database

Performed maintenance on existing code and functionality

Designed and developed new functionality for new products

Implemented code for creation of new Group Page directory number

Added code to enhance the capability of the ACD directory number

Work with other engineers to manage project scheduling issues and develop functional specifications

Enhanced existing software to successfully upgrade customer databases to the new database format

Enhanced and developed software to support new database format



Insurance Technologies Corporation, Carrollton, TX        06/1999-10/2000

Insurance Technologies Corporation is a designer of automated insurance solutions for independent insurance agents.

Designed and developed automated auto insurance programs to:

Rate insurance policies based on customer underwriting guidelines

Provide custom printing of insurance forms and applications

Interface with custom network to upload policy information

Interface with generic Win32 GUI interface

Worked with customers and management to resolve software related issues

Converted existing programs to be Year 2000 compliant

Convert existing DOS software to Windows software


CECity.com Inc, Pittsburgh, PA, USA                      from January to April 2007

CECity provides a hosted Learning Management System environment (Velocity) specifically to deliver healthcare e-learning, to manage lifetime learning, and to facilitate continuous professional development for healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals can browse, register for, and take eCME activities within the system. The activities available to users of the system are supplied from a number of content providers

As an Oracle Consultant, wrote packages, stored procedures, functions for process data using PL/SQL.

Performed system study, analysis and design to implement a crawling process of sending XML files to a proprietary search engine called Vivisimo. For each e-learning activity, two XML files are generated out of the Oracle database where the activity metadata is stored. The XML files are sent to Vivisimo via FTP. The Server Vivisimo crawler/indexer parses the XML files as well as the activity content and updates its document collection.

Working on a language translation and date formatting on various parts of the web pages found in our e-learning portal which needs to be globalized.

Tools and technologies: UNIX, Windows NT, Oracle 10G, PL/SQL, XMLSpy and TOAD.
Bank of America Merchant Services, Louisville, KY, USA            July 2006 to Nov 2006

BA Merchant Services is one of the major credit cards processing unit of Bank of America and one of the largest credit card processing companies in USA. The primary objective of the project is to integrate all the functionalities of the MSO system in to a newly developed system called Access.net and completely retire MSO System, which is a third party tool. Another objective of the project is to add one more brand PREPAID in the current system which already has four brands i.e. Bank of America, ABM Ammo, National City and NPC.

As an Oracle Consultant (Prepaid Card System and MSO Conversion), Wrote packages, stored procedures, functions for process data using PL/SQL.

Building queries using a combination of database Views and dynamic SQL. Views are used to define the basic logic of table joins.

Responsible for the completion and preparation of  test plans, also performed Unit and Integration testing on Development, Test and Production instances.

Prepare test cases and coordinated efforts with the business clients for a smooth implementation.

Participate in cross-functional efforts to support other teams such as ETL and database tuning to support Business Objects reporting performance. Optimize SQL queries for better performance.

Wrote Korn Shell scripts for PL/SQL interface development and automation.

Tools and technologies:UNIX, Windows NT, Oracle 10G, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Actuate 8, TOAD, SQL Navigator

Saskatchewan Learning (Government of Saskatchewan), October 2003 to March 2006

As Oracle Consultant, IISS (Integrated Income Support System and Student Data Systems), design, development and documentation of client requested enhancements for Students Financial Assistance module of Integrated Income Support project.

Key team member in the design, analysis and development of Oracle-based applications using Oracle developer 6i suite.

Responsibilities included building complex multi-block forms using Developer to enhance the forms with the latest in Oracle technology (i.e. OLE objects, complex canvas management, referenced objects and object groups, and use of database and library packages and procedures).

Develop forms and reports for Students Financial Assistance systems using Developer 6i Suite.

Develop PL/SQL Packages for various functionalities of the system.

Bug fixing the coding flaws of Oracle forms, reports and PL/SQL Stored packages in the Assessment module of IISS.

Responsible for coding and testing programs in above-mentioned modules. Involved in customization of Forms and reports to meet client requirement. Used discoverer tools for adhoc reporting

Participate in design and development of test automation to provide functional, performance and regression tests using tools.

Maintain the source control (Star Team) compile using UNIX scripts, documentation for OCSM (One Client Software Model), Database Change Requests and provided setup for user database information and support for production jobs.

Establish testing and automation standards and practices for the team. Developed test objectives.

Tools and technologies: UNIX, Windows NT, Oracle 8i/ 9i, Oracle 6i/9i Developer Suite(Forms and Reports), PL/SQL , JDeveloper and Winrunner 7.5, Ingres, TOAD, PLSQL Developer.

Canada Life, (CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants), Regina, SK, August 2002 to May 2003

As Senior Oracle developer, Enhancement team, JAS (Joint Adjudication System), Group Insurance, developed PL/SQL package, Procedures, Database triggers for data conversion process from mainframe to Oracle Database.

Team member in design and development of Claims Adjudication and reporting system provides for benefit setup and calculation, claim adjudication, claim inquiry and the production of claims cheques & reports. The system also establishes tables of data against which claims are validated & processed. Enhancement of several modules of the existing application using SQL Windows & PL/SQL-Oracle.

Enhancement of several modules of the existing application using SQL Windows & PL/SQL-Oracle.

Experience in Software testing in a multi-platform environment, customer support using manual and automate methods, Writing test cases, test plans. Participated in design and development of test automation to provide functional, performance and regression tests using tools.

Performed testing, quality control and quality assurance on an enhancement team that used iterative Rapid Application Development of an automotive insurance claims processing system. Involved in testing the conversion process of existing mainframe data to an Oracle/UNIX server and NT clients. Participating in Quality Assurance testing and supporting User Acceptance Testing.

Participated in the creation of the functional specifications, design, technical architecture, and quality assurance plans and activities. Worked closely with the Senior Business Analysts to provide technical specifications for end-user BI applications.

Tools and technologies: Unix, Windows NT, Oracle 8i/9i, PL/SQL, Centura-SQL Windows and Lotus notes R5
Post-Secondary Education (Government of Saskatchewan), Regina, July 2000 to March 2002

As a Systems Analyst on the Post-Secondary Education Skill and Training project for the Government of Saskatchewan, implemented a new forms and reports environment based on the present architecture standard to fix the original design and coding flaws and maintain the existing system.

Involved in customization of Forms to meet client requirement.

Developed new forms on custom tables to allow users to update the records.

Followed application coding standards in the process of developing new forms and customizing the existing forms.

Developed detailed design documents for the customizations. Responsible for registering the new forms and defining form functions and adding to the menus.

As a System Analyst on the Postal Code Insert and Update System, designed an application to convert the flat files from the CD of postal codes into Oracle tables using SQL* Loader and update the existing street ranges as well as inserting the new postal codes.

Experience in Install/Upgrade database systems; configure instances, table spaces; create tables, indexes, constraints, triggers and stored procedures; design/set database object roles and privileges. Enforced Source Code Control techniques through the usage of Starteam software.

Participated in design and development of test automation to provide functional, performance and regression tests using testing tools.

Providing project work plans and status reporting as required. Providing user training as  required.

Tools and technologies: Oracle 8i ,PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 4.5 / 6i, Reports 2.5/6i, SQL* Loader, Microsoft Access, UNIX and Windows NT/2000.

Saskatchewan Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (SIAST), Saskatoon, October 1999 to July 2000

As a Programmer Analyst, worked as the team coordinator in production support team, with the primary responsibility of bug fixing and prioritizing the show stoppers.

Worked on SCT Banner system with exposure to Student information and Finance.

Involved in customizing the Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5 through design deviations as per the client requirements.

As a Programmer Analyst on the CO-OP Education – Student System project, designed the application to keep track of contacts for potential employers, the interactions between the Co-op coordinators and those contacts, the job orders that SIAST obtains and the interviews and placement of students to the job.

Tools and technologies:  Oracle 8, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 (Oracle Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), UNIX and Windows NT/98.

T.U.C. Corporation, Edmonton, March to September 1999

As a Software Developer, developed project specification for a chain store, which engaged in Purchasing consumer goods from Manufacturers and Sole vendors and selling to Customers and retailers.

Developed forms on Order Import, Customer import, and Item import interface tables to allow users to update invalid records.

Converted format of data in Microsoft Access to implement backward compatibility and smooth transition into Oracle.

Tools and technologies: Oracle 7.3, PL/Sql, Visual Basic 6.0, MS-Access